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Green Garment On Hangers Systems® stands for the use of reuseable GOH systems in standard sea freight containers. In 2016, Wenhua Container Technical Service and KDI Premium Logistics developed this procedure for environmentally friendly, cost effective and time saving shipping in the textile industry. The procedure offers many advantages – for both contractor and shipping agent as well as for end customers. Transports carried out under the Green Garment On Hangers Systems label guarantee freight handling of goods in line with the latest standards:

  • By the application of recyclable, flexible systems large quantities of scrap metal are prohibited.
  • The systems are reusable, environmentally friendly and therefore even more cost-effective than conventional GOH systems.
  • Back at the nearest domestic container yard, the standard container can be used in many ways in order to carry freight from other business segments than the textile industry.

Green Garment on Hangers Systems®

therefore bypass the direct return shipping of an empty container and further save the cost intensive use of special equipment from shipping companies. As the system can also be disassembled from the container and put into interim storage in a process of only 15 minutes it also assures enormous time saving in addition to the positive ecological and cost factors.

  • No bottlenecks in the availability of GOH special equipment
  • Lower costs compared to the use of shipping carriers’ own equipment or other, non-recyclable, systems.
  • After unloading, the containers can be returned at in-country depots rather than at the sea port
  • in this way, transport costs will be saved and CO2 emissions are reduced

Variable components: It is possible to adjust the installed components according to the wishes and needs of the supplier. Also factors such as climate or material of the textiles to be loaded are taken into consideration.

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