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Fashion Logistics.

Green GOH is the clean and cost-effective way to send your clothing. Watch why?

Enginner and Inventor

Henry Wang

The Green GOH System is pioneering in the textile industry

Our Partners

Over the years, we have managed to network in over 100 countries. Whether the request is for a delivery in the Seychelles, supplying an oil platform off Perth or transporting parts of a superstructure for a Nigerian city. Whether it’s unconventional loads, excess heights, excess widths or just ordinary courier express and parcel shipments, our team always finds the right solution.

KDI Premium Logistics

We have been actively involved in logistics for 18 years now. Through the path of the large air and sea freight giants, to a medium-sized global freight forwarder, the logistics world has always appealed to us.

KDI Premium Logistics Yamor Sl.

Is a high efficiency, top service player in international freight fowarding. In the past years 11 years we overperformed any market benchmark registering a steady growth in terms of volumes, value, clients, personnel, network, investments.

Foppiani Shipping & Logistics

At M.A. Logistics Ltd, we offer a diverse range of dynamic freight, freight forwarding and supply chain services to our clients across Liverpool, the UK & worldwide. We offer global door to door freight services including the USA, Far East, Middle East and European countries. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our dynamic freight forwarding services.

United Kingdom

We are a logistics company that specializes in providing local and international logistics solutions.
Strategically spread across Asia, America and Europe. We are very experienced with the Green Go system and always use it for our customers.